We help detect and treat heart disease and stroke.

ArterioVisionTM CIMT
Physician & Patient Testimonials

  • “ArterioVision has detected disease and changed treatment in 25-30% of my patients examined.”

  • “I am a passionate advocate of data-driven and prevention-oriented medicine to avert heart attacks and stroke. In this pursuit, I have found an ally in MTI.”

  • “CIMT testing helps provide the missing link in the clinical pathway so that fewer individuals fall through the cracks when tests such as stress echos, lipid panels, etc. come back as negative or normal.”

  • “You have gone the extra mile in making us feel comfortable with the data. There is something very exciting about being on the cutting edge of technology.”

  • “It is good to see that there is a company that truly DOES customer service and not just advertise it.”

  • “This is extremely beneficial in getting the patient to buy into their treatment regimen.”

  • “CIMT testing has been a big hit with my patients.”

  • “The Society for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication estimates that the United States would save over $20 billion in health care spending if screening with CIMT were implemented…ArterioVision is a perfect example of how we can improve healthcare and still reduce cost by identifying and treating atherosclerosis early in the process.

  • “Using CIMT has been very beneficial …when a patient sees objective evidence of early atherosclerosis on a CIMT, they become much more motivated to make lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, smoking cessation as well as improve adherence with medications that reduce their cardiovascular risk."

  • “CIMT is a VERY valuable clinical tool which should be a part of every clinician’s routine patient care.”

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